“Every time when a stranger on the street who passes a generous smile, it  gives me hope that there are so many people who appreciate diversity.”

“What is your strongest memory from the years you have spent away from your homeland?” “I can’t forget the day when I understood what racism actually means. That was the day when I have faced it and years passed on but that day is still stuck in my memory line”. Abdullah left Iraq when he was 15 and now he is doing random jobs for his living in the UK and to support his family back home. He is aiming to earn and save some money and go back to his motherland to spend his life with friends and family. Farming is the likely profession his is going to join so that he can eat organic food.  

Ameen on the driving seat, also has roots from Iraq and has been living in the UK from last 8 years.

Diversity is accepting and respecting the differences, and enjoying the common values.   

(Yorkshire, England)